Core Functions


OnPointe CRM’s core functions are too voluminous to list. However, the following are the main core functions of our CRM that most users utilize.

Calendar—create/assign tasks, set appointments (phone or otherwise), set To Dos, etc. Items in the calendar can be assigned to single or multiple individuals and/or groups. The calendar notifies selected users that they have been assigned a task, task deadlines, or a scheduled meeting or phone call. The system will again remind selected users of task deadlines and schedules calls and meetings.

Leads—create and manage leads. Input data, make notes, upload documents, send and capture emails.

Companies—create and manage companies of importance. Depending on what business a user is in, this may be companies you work with vs. companies you are trying to sell and bring on as clients.

Contacts—a contact can be a lead that has been converted that is categorized as a client or another type of person who may not be a client (like a salesperson at a company you work with or order items from).

Document uploading—while the system will allow for documents to be uploaded and assigned to leads or contacts, there is also an internal document uploading option for documents to be used for internal company business.

Opportunities—create and manage sales opportunities. An opportunity is a unique sale potential and as such you could have a lead or contact with multiple potential sales.

Users management—the system lets you easily setup new users and create a permission tree for who has access to certain information.

Sales Groups—the system allows you to setup multiple sales groups wherein you can assign to each groups multiple users who then can be assigned to certain leads and/or contacts.

-Emails—send emails to leads, contacts, or companies and have the data saved in the CRM. Group emailing is available as well with certain sending limits for the base OnPointe offering.

Picklist editor—create and manage with ease new fields that can be created in leads, companies, and contacts. Core fields like name, address, etc. are preloaded in the system. The picklist editor allows users to create an unlimited amount of unique fields.

If you have any questions about the core functions of OnPointe CRM, email