OnPointe Email



If you are not dripping on clients and potential clients at least twice a month, you are missing out on the best way to market your business and generate more revenue.

To watch a video of how the e-mail system works, click here.

Why don’t businesses send bi-weekly e-newsletters?

The excuses are plenty:

-I don’t know how
-I don’t have the time
-I don’t have the technology
-I don’t have the content

Many people have turned to Constant Contact type systems to send emails. There is nothing per se wrong with Constant Contact, and OnPointe Email is essentially a competitor to Constant Contact and other similar programs in the industry.

What sets OnPointe Email apart from other email drip systems?

1) OnPointe Email provides content

The #1 reason certain users (financial planners, insurance agents, CPAs) will use OnPointe Email is because we provide unique content to send in newsletters. Who writes the content? Roccy DeFrancesco, JD (six-time author and nationally recognized expert).

Most people who send pre-written newsletters send the same boring content every one sends. OnPointe Email’s content is timely, interesting, motivating, and sometimes polarizing (all of which will make those who receive the emails look forward to what’s coming next).

2) OnPointe Email is a “smart” system

As we looked around the industry, we noticed that most programs function somewhat similarly when it comes to pushing emails out in volume. The systems track the open rate and click through rate, but they are not what we consider “smart” systems.

What is a smart system? It’s one that helps you refine your lists so you are marketing to the most attentive emails in your list first every time you send. OnPointe Email helps categorize/organize your emails unlike any email system available today.

3) Integration with other programs

OnPointe Email can be integrated with OnPointe CRM, OnPointe Risk Analyzer, OnPointe PFM, and OnPointe Landing Pages. Why is this important? It saves time. When you gather data and email addresses using other OnPointe systems, that data can be automatically uploaded into your OnPointe email system.

Cost of this software?  $50 a month unless you take advantage of our bundled software discount.

Discounted pricing

With our bundled software pricing, users can earn up to a 33% discount off the individual retail price of each program.

The above listed discount can be extended to financial planners, insurance agents, or CPAs. If you would like more information about how you can earn an additional 25% discount on our programs, email info@onpointecrm.com.