Let’s face it, 95% of those who use CRM systems just use the core functions:

-Input lead information
-Track and follow up with leads
-Calendar functions with notices that can include a sales team
-Convert leads to active clients
-Manage client relationships
-Keep valuable communications with clients and leads for protection from lawsuits

That’s it. The above is what most people use in a CRM system. If these are the core functions you need and want, OnPointe CRM has that at a price point that makes sense.

OnPointe CRM also includes many of the upgraded features that other CRM systems talk about and list proudly on their website for extra fees, but our experience is that while these features sound interesting, few people will actually use them (even though they are paying elevated prices to receive extra features).

Why was OnPointe CRM created?

The main reason OnPointe CRM was created was to take the use of a CRM program to a whole different level. We wanted our CRM to be more than just a contact management system. We wanted it to be a total marketing software package.

We wanted a software package that could be sold with a “bundled price” so users could receive a significant discount if more than one piece of software was purchased.

As you’ll notice on sites like Salesforce.com, their programs “integrate” with other commercial software. We didn’t want our software to “integrate” with other software, we wanted to offer an already integrated software program.

What else do businesses need to properly market a business?

All businesses should be using the following types of programs

Email drip system (like Constant Contact)
Landing page creation program

Financial planners, insurance agents, CPAs

Because the creator of this program comes from the financial services community, OnPointe CRM also integrates with other needed programs for financial planners, insurance agents, and CPAs.

Personal Financial Management (PFM) software
OnPointe Investment Risk Analyzer

OnPointe Software

OnPointe software is a suite of programs that all work together and they are the ONLY suite of programs in the industry that are under one roof. The following is the list in our suite of programs:

OnPointe CRM
OnPointe Email
OnPointe Landing Pages
OnPointe PFM
OnPointe Investment Risk Analyzer

Integration saves time and money

All of our programs talk with and work with each other in a fully integrated manner. When programs are integrated, it saves users time because users do not have to enter data multiple times.

Additionally, when multiple programs have one point of responsibility tech support, when there are issues, you are not told it’s the other program that is causing the problem and told to go talk with someone else. With OnPointe Software, there is one point of responsibility.

While it’s tough to say what is the most unique part of the integration, the coupling of a PFM program is truly revolutionary in the software industry. A PFM program is a consumer program. It’s one that aggregates consumer data. It’s one that a financial planner, insurance agent, or CPA would give to their clients to use. When it is used in conjunction with a CRM program and a financial planning program, the client’s data can be automatically uploaded from the PFM to the CRM and financial planning software.


While no software program is perfect, our OnPointe CRM program should become the go to CRM program for those who want to use the basic functions of a CRM program or for those who want to fully maximize their marketing potential by integrating other OnPointe software programs with the CRM program.

If you have any questions about our program, feel free to email info@onpointecrm.com.