OnPointe CRM

What is CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

A CRM system is a software program designed to help you manage relationships with clients.

Why use a CRM system?

1) Improve customer communication/service.

2) Increase the amount of business you can obtain from clients (directly and through referrals).

-CRM systems are used to help facilitate and manage the sales cycles.

Why else use a CRM system? Avoid lawsuits—most firms are NOT taking the right steps to protect themselves from lawsuits. EVERY substantive email communication should be saved in a CRM. Notes from every substantive call with clients should be saved in a CRM. If you are not doing this, you are asking for trouble and are not protecting yourself like you should in today’s litigious society.

What makes OnPointe CRM unique?

1) Integration—OnPointe CRM is the only CRM system that integrates with:

OnPointe Investment Risk Analyzer
-Lead page creator (click here to learn more)
-Full blown email drip system (click here to learn more)
-Personal Financial Management system (click here to learn more)
-Free e-book site for financial planners/insurance agents (click here to learn more)
-Worry Free Retirement Kit for financial planners/insurance agents (click here to learn more)
-Financial planning software (coming 2019)

Most CRM systems have none of the above listed tools. Therefore, if you want to use a lead page creator or Constant Contact type email system, you have to pay for it separately and then pay to have it integrate with your CRM.

With OnPointe CRM all our programs are already integrated and work hand in hand with each other (with one point of contact for customer service).

2) Content—for those who need content (for e-newsletters, landing pages, free downloads, etc.), OnPointe provides that content.* (*The content is offered on topics like financial planning, life insurance, fixed annuities, asset protection, estate planning, tax planning, etc. and is not available to everyone who buys access to our system). Email info@onpointecrm.com for more information).

3) Price—our programs are priced very competitively and we are the only ones in the industry who can bundle our software with other OnPointe offerings to offer an even lower “bundled” price.

Also, there are additional discounts available to certain financial planners and insurance agents that work with our strategic partners. Email info@onpointecrm.com for more information on how to receive the maximum discount on our services.