OnPointe Landing Pages



Marketing, marketing, marketing. Besides giving the best advice and support to current clients, what is more important to a business than its marketing? We believe nothing is more important which is why we created the OnPointe Software suite.

Good marketing is all about interaction with people you are trying to reach. The best way to get constant interaction is to drip on them with e-newsletters (see OnPointe Email for the industry’s best email drip systems).

When you are dripping on potential clients, what kind of interaction are you trying to generate?

We believe that is it absolutely essential to have the ability to quickly and professionally create landing pages for people to go to and sign up for “stuff.” Everyone likes to get “stuff.”

What is stuff? If you are a financial planner, it could be a free white paper talking about avoiding investment risk. If you are an insurance agent, it could be a free report talking about how cash value life can be a terrific tax-free/risk-free retirement tool. If you are in the mortgage field, it could be a page allowing people to download a free mortgage acceleration app. from the app. store.

The question is: how do you create that landing page?

You can pay a programmer to do it. This takes time and significant money

Or you could use a landing page creation program like OnPointe Landing Pages.

Aren’t all landing page programs the same?

It’s true that there are many different programs in the marketplace that all try to do the same thing. However, we believe OnPointe Software is superior to all of them for the following reasons:

1) Ease of use. OnPointe Landing Pages was designed by end users not programmers. As such, it’s super easy to use and is an intuitive program (the flow makes logical sense).

2) We provide downloads. For certain OnPointe Landing Page users we have very unique content they can use to give away on their custom landing pages. Who do we provide this content for? Financial planners, insurance agents, and CPAs.

Most people who buy access to a landing page program stop using it because they run out of useful items to give away. For financial planners, insurance agents, and CPAs, that will not be the case.

3) Program integration. Our program is fully integrated with OnPointe CRM and OnPointe Email. This is very important because integration will save users a significant amount of time and headaches. When someone signs up for something using our system, the information can automatically be loaded into our OnPointe CRM program as well as our OnPointe Email program. This is a unique feature no other landing page program in the industry offer.

4) Brochure creator. Our landing page system is at its core an editing program that helps people create cool looking pages. Those pages could be landing pages, or they could be brochures or other documents that users want to print and hand out or allow to be downloaded in PDF form.

Cost of this software?  $50 a month unless you take advantage of our bundled software discount.

Discounted pricing

With our bundled software pricing, users can earn up to a 33% discount off the individual retail price of each program.

The above listed discount can be extended to financial planners, insurance agents, or CPAs. If you would like more information about how you can earn an additional 25% discount on our programs, email info@onpointecrm.com.